Everything Wants To Kill You In Feist, And Your Only Weapon Will Be A Physics-Based Environment



Developer Bits and Beasts and publisher Finji have announced that the side-scrolling action-platformer Feist will be out for Windows, Mac, and Linux on July 23rd.


While Feist may look similar to Limbo on account of its silhouetted art style, it’s influenced more by Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and the animated film Hedgehog in the Fog. It also plays quite differently to Limbo. Whereas in Limbo you were entirely vulnerable, left to the mercy of hasty puzzle solving to survive, Feist is all about physics-based combat.



You play a small creature in a dark world that, at first, has to break out of the cage the strange, lumbering beasts captured it in. After that, it’s time to put the physics-driven environments to work, figuring out how to use falling rocks, sharp sticks, water, and whatever else you have to hand to overcome the hostile creatures around you.


As you journey through forests, mountains, caves, and swamps, you should expect to be surprised as there are no scripted sequences. Instead, everything is AI-driven, meaning that all sorts of unpredictable shenanigans could happen. What can be guaranteed is that most things will want to kill you.



You can find out more about Feist on its website.

Chris Priestman