Evil Armies & Unlikely Heroes Clash In JRPG-Inspired Guardians of Arcadia



Guardians of Arcadia is inspired by classic JRPGs, looking to capture their charm and fun with the game’s turn-based battles, large explorable worlds, and cast of characters.




General Nero has been attacking kingdoms with powerful, advanced weapons. When they find their hometown destroyed, Hikaru and his sister Aki seek to stop the general’s reign of terror, joining with a group of oddball characters to take him down. They’ll soon find that the general is the least of the world’s troubles, though, finding a much larger plot behind him.


Players will face down monsters with an array of weapons, magic, and special powers in turn-based fights. They’ll also be able to explore a broad world around them using different vehicles.




The first episode of Guardians of Arcadia will be releasing in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese when it releases this year, according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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