Evoking Emotions In Super Mario Maker


yoshi bye bye


Here’s the thing about Super Mario Maker. It’s a game that tends to grow as you play, due to additional items, tools, and functionality being added ever day. The first few days, you’re getting a feel for thing with the simpler items. Once you get the ghost house set unlocked though, then you can really start having fun.


Even though levels have height and width limitations, there is still plenty you can do squirrel away in a creation. It’s possible to surprise people. Trolling is easy. Making them feel other emotions, however, that’s a little more difficult. Today, we’re going to take a look at a level that will make people feel super bad once they realize they probably didn’t have to sacrifice Yoshis to beat it. I call this masterpiece, “You Monster.”


We don’t like to sacrifice Yoshis in Super Mario games. At least, I don’t. But sometimes, you need that extra height when you jump. You have to let the dinosaur go, so at least one of you will survive. That was the basis for this level.


smm 8


Here’s how I did it. First, I put Mario and the Yoshi on the starting platform. I had Mario ride the Yoshi, jump, then perform a second jump by dismounting. He fell to his doom, because I had no other platforms placed. Once he died and it went back to the editor, I could see the trail that showed Mario’s jumps. I placed a platform at the very top of the arch, so he’d make the landing. I placed them as far apart as possible, with arrows to indicate where the next platform would be, should it be off-screen.


To increase the ambiance and guilt, I placed a Boo near most Yoshis. You know, as though they were the ghosts of the previous ones sacrificed in the name of completing this Super Mario Maker level.


smm 6


Then, I added the clincher. The thing that would break people’s hearts if they knew it was there. I put a hidden question block to the left of Mario and placed a Koopa Clown Car inside of it.


There’s no indication that something’s there. Unless someone knew me well enough to know I’d hide a surprise like this, they’d think this is a straightforward jumping challenge filled with leaps of faith. But, if they do know me, they can find themselves safely cruising through the level, knowing all the Yoshis are safe.


smm 7


The best part about such a thing is that it’s a relatively simple level. It didn’t take too long to make. It’s challenging with a gimmick, but isn’t unfair. Plus, it hopefully makes people feel things.



Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo Wii U on September 11.

Jenni Lada
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