Evoland 2 Covers Much More Than The Evolution Of The RPG



Shiro Games has released the trailer for its upcoming RPG Evoland 2. As you’ll see in the video, the game has you proceed through videogame history and its various graphical styles and forms.


The first game, Evoland, mostly restricted its journey through videogame history to the RPG and its evolution from the smallest bits to full 3D worlds. For the sequel, Shiro Games has incorporated brawlers, fighting games, shmups, match-3 puzzlers, and action-puzzlers like Bomberman into its journey.


Pyramid2 evoland 2

Shiro Games adds that Evoland 2 also has “a complex scenario based on time travel, dozens of characters with their own backgrounds and ambitions.” Yeah, if you didn’t realize, there’s actually a story built around this evolution through videogames over the decades, one that’s centered around a spacetime continuum disorder.


Labo3 eovland 2

Evoland 2 is due out this summer for PC. You can currently pre-order a DRM-free copy of it on the game’s website for the discounted price of $17.99 (full price is $19.99).

Chris Priestman