Ex-BioShock Infinite Devs Reveal Surreal First-Person Game The Black Glove



As Irrational Games wound down after the release of BioShock Infinite, a number of the studio’s employees found themselves having to find other jobs. However, some of them banded together, and now they’re creating a strange and surreal “first-person experience“ called The Black Glove.


It’s certainly an odd game. You play the role of the latest Curator at The Equinox, which is described as “an eerie 1920s theatre that appears unstuck from conventional reality.” The Equinox is occupied by the artist Marisol, the filmmaker Avery Arnault, and musical act Many Embers.


Your task is travel back into their pasts in order to fix their present selves, which have gone slightly awry, it would seem. What you end up having to do is play and interact with a number of games of skill and chance that act as portals into fourth dimensional space.


In simpler terms, this means you’ll be playing retro-style games on an arcade cabinet, interacting with a strange mirror, and other objects yet to be revealed. If you are successful in your interactions then you change the output of each of the artists and will see be able to see the effect of it around The Equinox.


“A somber, portrait art display becomes a kaiju autopsy scene where giant monster parts glow like scorpions under black light. A warbling country act in The Music Club is replaced by lounge singers in smoking jackets. A poorly-conceived 70s disaster film in The Cinema turns into a silent movie sci-fi gem, once thought lost in a fire,” writes developer Day For Night Games on its Kickstarter page.


Oh yes, did I mention that The Black Glove is on Kickstarter? This bunch of developers who previously worked on BioShock, and BioShock Infinite and its DLC are currently looking for $550,000 in funds that they need to further develop and release The Black Glove.


The lowest tier is $20, for which you can get a copy of the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux when it’s finished, supposedly around October 2015. There are more platforms to be announced, though, and presumably they will be consoles, so keep an eye out for that news when it arrives.

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