Ex-Last Guardian Devs Release Dramatic TGS Trailer For Vane



    Tokyo-based indie studio Friend & Foe – consisting of folk who previously worked on The Last Guardian, Battlefield 3, and Killzone –  has released a TGS trailer for its upcoming PC adventure game Vane.


    The trailer scans over a number of ancient ruins dotted around a gloomy desert, circled by a flock of black crows. Then, the child with a supposed “odd ability” is seen running barefoot across the sand, then up and around old towers and towards huge temples.


    Huge storm clouds appear in the background as the child runs across dunes, and moments later there is lightning crashing all around them, dangerously close. The trailer finishes up with the child diving off one of the ruins and seemingly turning into a crow in mid-air, flying away.


    Vane is a single player adventure game that has only been confirmed for PC at this time. Developer Friend & Foe has said that it’s looking to bring the game to more platforms, though.


    To keep up with announcements regarding Vane you can follow its official website.

    Chris Priestman

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