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So How Exactly Did These Girls From Yandere Hell Become Yandere?


Thus far, we’ve seen the sweeter (at least more normal) sides of the girls from Nippon Ichi’s upcoming visual novel, I thought It’d be Harem Paradise but it Turned Out Yandere Hell. We’ve also seen their scarier sides, but how exactly did that happen? The game’s official website shares a look at how it all started.


“… Let’s make a mascot character,” were the words from the chief director that started it all.


The protagonist Kisaragi Yuuya is a regular schoolboy who attends a local high school. Yuuya, who is the deputy head of the high school history research club, is told by the student council that if his club doesn’t have anything to show at the school festival, they will be forced to shut it down.


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That’s when the club decided that if they could make a mascot character, they would be able to use it to advertise their club, and maybe obtain good results at the festival to present to the student council.


After coming up with the mascot “Izaemon,” their mascot efforts paid off, as it didn’t take long for word of their club to spread. It got so popular, even Kayako from the city hall heard about it, and requested if they could use it to help out the city.


Things were going great for the protagonist and the other members of the club, as they were actively using the mascot to help out the city. However, when the protagonist went check out one of his designations, he found Izaemon standing in the area, covered in blood.


Following this horrifying event, what was previously a balanced relationship between the protagonist and the heroines, began to crumble under fear and distrust. Everyone wondered, “who was the criminal?” as they started feeling the ill effects from the darkness of it all.


As they did their best to clear out all doubts… another incident occurred, this one serving as the final straw that would push them into a deeper area of darkness.


I thought it’d be Harem Paradise but it Turned Out Yandere Hell will be released on April 24th, 2014 for PlayStation 3 in Japan.

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