Action RPG Immortal Planet is an isometric exploration of Dark Souls’ challenging fights, drawing from and expanding upon its stamina system to give players some useful combat opportunities based on how tired their foes are.


Players will not live long if they blindly trade hits with the game’s enemies, as they are often powerful, intelligent creatures who will leave the player a quivering corpse. However, players can carefully fight these creatures by luring them into attacking, whittling down their available stamina (shown by a bar over each enemy) until they are too tired to fight back. In these moments, players can hit back for high damage. Impatient players will find that attacking an enemy that’s at full stamina may result in some crushing counterattacks.

Should players fail to learn to weaken their foes first, which can be done through items and spells as well as through careful movements, they’ll likely be killed, leaving their experience where they last died. Players will be able to return to retrieve it, though, should they live long enough to find their corpse.


Players won’t start off with a clear reason as to why they’re fighting in Immortal Planet. The game’s hero, the Awakewalker, comes out of cryosleep with no memories, finding themselves in a facility filled with immortals who have lost their sense due to aeons of life. The player will have to battle these lost creatures, as well as the game’s challenging, multi-stage bosses, in order to find the answers as to why they are here and what happened to this place.

Immortal Planet is available now on Steam and GOG.

Alistair Wong
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