Exist Archive Trailer Shows Us An Overview And The Importance Of Bonding

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Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace are teaming up for the new “side-view RPG” called Exist Archive, which combines a variety of features from different RPG and action genres in a sci-fi world. The latest trailer gives us an overview of what the game is all about.


The video starts out with a look at how the game starts with the explosion in Tokyo which caused the death of the 12 youths. Afterwards, the 12 obtain immortality, along with the soul of an evil deity within them, followed by trouble with the gods.


The next part shows gameplay of exploring Protrexa, where you’ll get to travel across the fields in action game-like fashion with jumps and slides. The 1:25 mark demonstrates how you can use the Bind Sphere to stop enemy symbols to stop them in their places and use them as platforms.


Exist Archive has an “Active Chain Battle” system, where each button controls the movements of each party member. Additionally, the “Attack Rotation” will let you strategize better with positioning and more.


“Demon’s Greed” is a unique and powerful ability that allows characters to pull off powerful moves  in battle. You can also use this while traveling on the field to increase walking speed, but it adds the risk of “Chain Encounters” that require fighting against waves of monsters. It might be risky, but it increases drop and bonus rates.


Next, they show us more of the game’s battle system and how each class gets to use different weapons. Classes come in close range, long range, and magic-type classes. Characters can learn new skills by bonding with each other, and can even create new ones through the “Mix Up” feature.


Exist Archive will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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