If you’re one of those people that doesn’t like overly long games because it feels like they take way too long to complete, The Last Story might suit your taste. It’s a game that emphasizes replayability, rather than a long-winded single playthrough.


In reply to a fan over Twitter, The Last Story director, Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed that, depending on how you carry quests and visits to dungeons, you can expect your playtime to average 30 hours. Extended playability is offered through the game’s online mode, where you can do battle with other players, or battle monsters in co-op.


The Last Story was originally born out of a desire to create something original after, much to his dismay, Sakaguchi found himself taken by surprise by another game.


The idea of a shorter RPG with more replay value does sound like a step in the right direction. It should also help make the game a little more manageable and appealing to those who otherwise might have avoided it based on length.


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