Experience Announces A New PS Vita Dungeon Crawler Called Azure-Winged Chevalier



Experience is known for various dungeon crawlers like Ray Gigant, Stranger of Sword City and Demon Gaze, and they’ve announced their first dungeon RPG in three years with a new title called Azure-Winged Chevalier.


The title in Japanese is Aoki Tsubasa no Chevalier, which roughly translated to “Chevalier of Blue/Azure Wings.” It is a new dungeon crawler that is described as a traditional fantasy/dungeon RPG. It was actually previously teased at the end of last year where we saw its key visual as well as a look at one of its NPC characters.


More information will follow in the Famitsu magazine issue that releases on May 9, 2019.


Azure-Winged Chevalier releases in Japan for PlayStation Vita on July 25, 2019. It’ll go for 6,800 yen and will be available physically and digitally.

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