Sonic creator Yuji Naka’s next game is for the Wii, and is called Family Fishing. Family Fishing takes place on a resort that you’re free to explore, and will have over 200 types of fish to catch. You can explore the resort using a variety of vehicles.



Fish that you catch can be viewed in a giant aquarium. A Nintendo Wi-Fi feature dubbed “Big Size Online Ranking” allows you to compare the fish you’ve caught with your friends. Namco Bandai will be publishing the Prope-developed fishing game, and are releasing a fishing controller peripheral alongside if you’re interested in a more “authentic” sort of experience.


Another aspect of the game is the ability to find items by exploring the resort. You can find fishing gear and even new clothes to outfit yourself with. Family Fishing will be released on August 4th. It’ll come in a regular edition for 5,040 yen, and another edition bundled with the special controller for 6,090 yen.




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