Explore & Fight Through A Widespread Galaxy In Metroidvania Raygun Gadabout

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The galaxy is under the Space Gopher Empire’s heel, but players can overthrow their cruel reign through exploring planets and defeating foes they find there in universe-spanning Metroidvania Raygun Gadabout.


Raygun Gadabout is about exploration at its core, aiming to give players a whole galaxy of planets to wander through. They will be able to fly around the cosmos seeking places to land, be they planets, anomalies, or derelict ships, finding danger and useful gear inside. Not everyone they meet in these places will mean them harm, though, as a colorful cast of silly characters and friendly aliens (or not-so-friendly members of the Gopher Empire) can be met in these places, fleshing out the story of the universe and the people the player is trying to save.

Should players find themselves in a fight, they will have a handful of tools to deal with danger. Players will have a ray gun for ranged attacks, a plasma sword for melee, and a shield that allows them to defend against laser blasts or bounce them back, depending on how the player uses it. There is a variety of aliens, each with their own fighting style and weaknesses to deal with, though, but players can acquire new powers, like regeneration and charged shots, to deal with more powerful foes. Discovered abilities will also let them find new places in the locales they explore, so not every discovery relates to combat powers.


Raygun Gadabout is currently in development, with its developers raising funding on Kickstarter (with a demo available through the campaign).

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