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Explore And Find Adventure, Or Cook, Farm, And Find Love With The Locals In Yonder


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles offers players sweeping, sunswept vistas to explore, evil to overcome, spirits to befriend, and love to be found among the peaceful inhabitants of Gemea. It just all depends on what the player wants from their time spent in this striking island paradise.


Players will eke out a life for themselves in several different kinds of environments, as well as have to deal with day/night cycles, different plants and animals, and also the effects of changing seasons during their wanderings. Not only that, but an ancient evil is also stirring within the land that the player may have to take care of at some point, even if they are only usually spending their time farming or brewing.

Players will be able to work at several different occupations in order to contribute to the lives of the other islanders. Cooking food, crafting tools, brewing drinks, cultivating the land, and working with the animals can give players much to do throughout their time in Gemea. As they do these things, they can use their goods and talents to help out the other characters on the island, receiving helpful gifts, as well as new friendships, as they assist their neighbors.


Players won’t only be making friends with the townsfolk, though. If they wish to dispel the evil that is lurking in the background, they’ll need to find allies in powerful spirits who live throughout the island’s areas. The developers have not said how you will convince these beings to join with the player, though.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles will release on PS4 and Steam on July 18. A physical edition will also be available in certain stores at this time, as well as a collector’s edition, complete with art book and a replica of an in-game coin, will be available through Merge Games.

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