Explore New Zones And Take On New Challenges In Blade & Soul’s First Expansion



    Free-to-play Korean MMO Blade & Soul’s first expansion, Silverfrost Mountains, is going live on Wednesday, March 23rd, and will bring with it lots of new areas to discover as well as more quests and endgame content for players. Additionally, the expansion also increases the level cap to 50, and the Hongmoon Level to 10.


    Eight new dungeons are also being added and include five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple), which will be available in both 6- and 4-member versions. Additionally, players can challenge new 24-member open world instances Frostscale Basin and Beastbog brimming with monsters and ferocious bosses.


    Here’s a look at the official trailer for Silverfrost Mountains.



    BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_-_Awakened_Necropolis BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_-_Frozen_Fang

    BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_-_Zaiwei_01 BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_-_Zaiwei_02


    BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_-_Zaiwei_03 BnS_2016-03_Silverfrost_01



    To learn more about the Silverfrost Mountains expansion, you can visit Blade & Soul‘s official website. The expansion will be available on Wednesday, March 23rd.


    Blade & Soul is available for PC.


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