Explore The Rustic Natsugiri Region In Nostalgic Train


nostalgic train

Nostalgic Train is an upcoming open-world train game set in the fictional rural area of Natsugiri. The game features nostalgic scenery of an age past, as well as a story mode and free mode.


In the story mode, the protagonist finds him or herself with amnesia at a station that says ‘Natsugiri’. In order to remember who they are, they need to explore Natsugiri and look for memos scattered throughout the region. Players can choose to sit in the train compartments and look at the scenery, or control the train using simple controls, in order to traverse the area.


The game is by Tatamibeya, and will be available on Steam for 2,000 yen. Here’s the trailer:


Nostalgic Train will be available for PC through Steam on June 13, 2018. The game currently only has Japanese language support planned.

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