Explore A Sunless Planet Teeming With Weird Life In 3D Platformer The Dark Planet

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3D platformer The Dark Planet puts players on a strange alien world, having them meet the bizarre local life forms and try to help them against an even stranger menace.




The Dark Planet gets no sunlight, but fortunately, the player does get a little cone of light wherever their doughy, star-like character goes. This will help them see the treacherous path ahead, but they’ll still need to get comfortable with the game’s various platforming abilities, such as dashing, in order to survive the jumps they find in the dark.


The player’s careful jumps will take them to forests filled with alien animals to gray, lifeless mountains. While there, they’ll need to collect items and beat up enemies in order to save the local life forms. 




Players looking to help these cute, strange creatures will be able to do so when The Dark Planet releases in Q4 of 2017. It is currently raising Greenlight votes in advance of that release.

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