Explore The Underbelly Of A Gross Suburb In The Octopus City Blues Demo



Ghost In A Bottle has released a Windows, Mac, and Linux demo for its “authentic Octopus City simulation” and surreal adventure game Octopus City Blues. The full game can also be pre-ordered for $10.


Octopus City Blues follows Kaf Kafkaryan, who is described as “a cowardly middle-aged octopus blood junkie and tentacle trimmer,”  as he experiences bizarre dreams of a world with strange, twisted creatures.


It turns out that Kaf wants to help these creatures in his dreams, but to do that he has to get to know the people that live around him in Octopus City, which gets him tangled up in a conspiracy that will affect the entire city.

In case you’re wondering, Octopus City is a steam-operated city that its built on and around the last living octopus, keeping it alive. The game places emphasis on non-linear storytelling, exploration, and the consequences of choices.


As you wander around Octopus City, you’ll find that every person has their own daily schedule and opinions. You’ll also find a number of events happening seemingly at random across the city, such as the death of a homeless man, or a small musical performance.


Octopus City Blues was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The Windows, Mac, and Linux demo is available to download on itch.io, which is where you can also pre-order the game as well as on the game’s official website.

Chris Priestman