Eye Candy’s Cute Characters Hide A Gruesome, Horrific Side




Horror game Eye Candy has a cute surface, but it won’t be long before players find themselves immersed in a world of cannibalism, gore, and fear as they help a young girl, Koray, try to find her older sister.




Built in RPG Maker MV, Eye Candy  has players searching for their sibling who’s gone missing while fleeing a terrible situation. Things have not improved, as Koray finds her sister has fallen into a party run by demons, and the only way they will let her go is if Koray plays a few games with them.


These games will involve death, blood, and unsettling situations that the player will need to work their way through in order for the pair of siblings to survive. The developer promises there will be few jump scares and little outright gore in these games, but that the game will touch on several uncomfortable situations involving body horror and other phobias.




The unsettling experience of Eye Candy is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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