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F2P Idol RPG Venus Project Shares Its Story And Its Cross-Media Plans



Galat, the makers of Magica Wars Zanbatsu, announced their next title as Venus Project, a free-to-play idol RPG for the PlayStation Vita. Here’s a first look at the game’s characters, along with some details for its cross-media plans.



The story takes place in the near future in Japan, in a world where information and imaging technology is at its height. Mankind have been enthused by a new kind of entertainment—“Formula Venus”.


Shortened as “F-V,” this form entertainment involves getting select top idols to perform and compete in live battles, using all of their ability and skill they’ve cultivated for this ultimate new entertainment.


In Venus Project, the heroines got their hands on a ticket to the “Venus Project” and will give their best shot reach the highest peak of all idols. The drama will depict their their fight, passions, cooperation, and friendship, as they aim for the top.


As far as gameplay goes, it’s a system that revolves around cards and commands. More details on how the game is played will be revealed in the near future.


Here’s a look at the three main idols, along with their voice actresses:


Karen Takano (CV: Ami Himesaki)

venus-project_150305-2 venus-project_150305-3


Mitsuki Sarashina (CV: Rui Tanabe)

venus-project_150305-5 venus-project_150305-6


Yuu Kashima (CV: Ruka Nemoto)

venus-project_150305-8 venus-project_150305-7


Galat have plans that go beyond just a free-to-play Vita title for Venus Project, as it was announced that there will be an anime, comic, live events, and more. The game and web comic will release on April 21, while the anime will begin broadcasting this July.


There will also be a live event and radio show in October. Galat aim to have Venus Project be something that will allow them to fuse “2D” and “3D” idols.

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