Face Rainbow Lichlords In Cartoonish Dungeon-Delving Roguelike Plunge

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Plunge aims to take players ever deeper into a bottomless medieval dungeon, having them face guards and magical monstrosities in a grayscale world that also makes use of brilliant color.


Players will control Billy, the billionth prisoner, as they complete isometric floors of the dungeon. To do so, they’ll need to solve puzzles in the environments while also clobbering the various guards who patrol the dungeon. Each foe has a specific mechanic, and players will want to learn how these creatures move and fight if they’re to get the drop on them in turn-based combat.

Plunge utilizes a grayscale graphic novel-like art style, with each character having a lighthearted appearance. The game also makes use of bright colors on certain aspects, such as the Turbo Vomit Rainbow Lichlord, to make some elements and creatures naturally stand out as players explore.


Plunge is currently in development.

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