Facebook Files: Do You Consider Yourself A Fanboy / Fangirl?



    Fanboys and fangirls, gather around! It’s time for Facebook Files. This week, we discuss…well, fanboys…and whether or not there’s any merit to that stance or whether people just like to make a big deal out of nothing and go out of their way to label enthusiasts they don’t agree with. You can read the full discussion here.


    Steven wrote:

    I’ve been called a Nintendo fanboy time and time again. Perhaps due to the fact that that I wanted an N64 for before a Playstation, a Gamecube before a PS2, and a Wii before a 360 or PS3. Or perhaps due to the fact that I have a laundry list of Wii titles, both hardcopies and digital, that I consider to be top tier games that are terribly overlooked. People see my Wii collection and my PS2 and 360 collection suddenly become invisible. This is followed by comments such as "The Wii sucks" or nicer comments such as "The Wii’s graphics aren’t worth my time", etc. To top that off, I’m the ONLY person I know who argues that titles, such as and especially Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, need to stay exclusive. I believe that the Wii needs all of the exclusive titles it can get unlike PS3 and 360. Looking back on it, I think the N64 was my least liked Big N console with SNES being the best console of all time. Ultimately, I appreciate the Wii and it’s destiny to be something different than others despite more miss than hit titles. I think that, to some degree I am a Nintendo fanboy, but I like the PS3 and 360 for certain reasons as well.


    Sorry to ramble on as I tend to do that, but do you consider yourself a fanboy / fangirl? Or do others consider you to be a fanboy / fangirl?


    Matty wrote:

    Naw, not me! I don’t pledge by any console or the company that creates them (at least, don’t believe so). I appreciate that they enable me to play great games, but don’t expect much else. Not even games they create themselves, as the third party titles have always been infinity more interesting and enticing to me. If anyone says otherwise, I can’t really say anything ’cause it’s not true.


    Patrick wrote:

    I don’t think I was ever really a fanboy. My very first system I bought with my own money was a Sega Game Gear, but I still played NES and Game Boys when they were available to me. I never shunned a system. I’d prefer certain system over another (Game Gear over Game Boy, SNES over Genesis, N64 over PS, PS2 over GC/X-Box), but it was more my preference then loyalty.


    My limited funds might have been part of it as well. This is the first generation that I’ve been able to afford more then one system and now I almost have them all (DS/Wii/360/PSP). I do plan on getting a PS3 soon. So I don’t really think of myself as a Fan Boy. I just play what I think is good.


    Ishaan wrote:

    It feels like people throw the term "fanboy" around too casually these days, and unfortunately, in a rather degrading manner. I mean, if you think about it, we’re all fanboys that way. I just wish people would stop confusing "fan" with "fanboy."


    Anton wrote:

    I agree with both of you. The term "Fanboy" seems far more negative. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan or an enthusiast. However, it’s the obsessive and/or ignorant fans that the term "Fanboy" usually adheres to. For instance, just from what you mentioned here Steven, I would say you’re a Nintendo fan and a Zelda enthusiast. =3


    Want to weigh in with your preferences and likes / dislikes? Fire away in the comments! Just — since is is a touchy topic — remember to be nice!

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