Facebook Files: Early Game Of The Year Contenders



This week in Facebook Files, we’re discussing early Game of the Year contenders! What games released so far do you think will be part of your GOTY nominations come December?


Steven wrote:


It is almost half into 2010 and I have no shame in saying that there have been plenty of games thus far that can probably hold their own as an overall game of the year or at least game of the year for any given category. What would your game of the year be as of right now?


Matty wrote:


Same here. I actually just got a handful of new games this past week and will probably have a good idea after tomorrow. As of today, Deadly Premonition and Dementium II are the current contenders for me.


Patrick wrote:


My favorite games never tend to be on any “Game of the Year” lists. So speaking from a personal standpoint, I’d have to say No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is my game of the year so far. It fixed everything that was wrong with the first one (money grinds, poor world map, etc.) but still had the crazy story that had me loving every second of it.


I can see that easily changing soon though, what with 3D Dot Game Heroes coming out next week, and Star Craft 2 coming out later this year (On my birthday!)


Anton wrote:


Maybe I’m becoming bitter and jaded, but there haven’t been many games that I’ve really enjoyed so far. The only game I’m really having fun playing is Resonance of Fate. However, there’s still a ton of games waiting to be played and a few titles I still need to buy. We’ll see how things start to turn out.

Ishaan Sahdev
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