Facebook Files: How Has Your Taste In Games Changed Over The Years?



When it comes to playing games, there are all sorts of gamers out there. People that have been doing it since they were 5; people that only got into it while in their teens; people that stopped playing games and picked them back up again after a gap of several years. The list goes on.


So here’s the question — how has your taste in games changed over the years? Have you become more open-minded or the opposite? Do you find yourself with a lower tolerance for quirks you might have let slide a few years ago or are you just as tolerant as you used to be? What genres have you picked up or dropped? How has your perception of the industry changed?


Frank wrote:

Well, since I’ve started gaming (back in the early 90’s) my preferred genre is (are?) RPGs and adventures, though I’ve come to love Survival Horror.


The biggest change that I see in the industry is that quality has gone right out the window. It has been nearly 4 years since the current generation of consoles launched and I can only think of four or five games for each console that I would consider worth keeping.


Tommy wrote:

When I first got the SNES, I was a wimpy kid, so all I played was Tetris Attack and Mario Kart. I stayed away from Super Mario All-Stars that came with the game because I was afraid of dying. Then I was introduced to RPGs, Megaman X, and Super Metroid.


I think those three things on the SNES changed my perspective on video games well… forever. I got better at various game genres over the next few years after that and eventually the first game I actually completed, without any help, was FFIX. I literally was jumping for joy around my apartment when I did that.


Now-a-days, I enjoy playing almost any game, but I usually go for the more niche games just for the heck of it. Although, perhaps that attitude about games has distracted me from many things.


Samwise wrote:

I don’t deal with quirks much in games, I rarely finish them anyway. It’s interesting, I don’t think I really like games that much, to be honest, I just really enjoy the good ones I do like. Imagine that, the realization was tough to make, but it has to do with the modern games usually missing something that I used to like…


Now, I used to try to play RPGs but I realized I don’t like those much and generally don’t play them much. Nowadays, I mostly just play adventure games or action-adventure games with some arcadey stuff in between. I suppose, that my taste in games hasn’t changed, and it hasn’t even evolved. It’s just become more clear, what it is I enjoyed about certain things, and why my surroundings effected me to enjoy what I do the way I do.


Raphael wrote:

Like everyone that posted above i fall into that first category, I started gaming when i was around 6 or 7 and i wasn’t really particular with genres back then but if i remembered correctly there was an abundance of side-scrollers(shooters and platformers), I never really took gaming seriously well not since the PSX and its ensemble of epic RPGs.


But up until today im still an open book when it comes to genres with the exception of FPS’, Rhythm and Sports games, But of course RPGs does have a special place in me.


About todays gaming industry it bugs me to see clones upon clones of FPS’ receiving exponential numbers of sales.


So, how have your perceptions changed from your early gaming days? Are you more understanding of the industry now? More cynical? Finding your optimistic side as we head into a new realm of technology? How has your taste in genres changed? Fire away below!

Ishaan Sahdev
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