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Welcome to Facebook Files! Here’s a rundown of how things work: Every week, we look through our Facebook group for the best community discussions. The ones that stand out are published on Siliconera as part of this feature every weekend. If your topic isn’t chosen one week, don’t lose heart…it might get picked up the next!


This week’s Facebook Files is on a topic started by Steven, and one that we could all possibly benefit from: import-friendly game recommendations for English-only readers. Preferably affordable, too, but hey, we’ll leave that up to individual judgment.


Steven wrote:


So far I’ve imported a few games, most of which are for the PSP. Which games would you suggest for import? Please give the title, genre, and reason why you would recommend importing it. I know that, due to region encoding, it will limit your choices short of modding a console. Here are a few of the ones I have imported thus far.


Ridge Racer 2 – PSP – Racing – It’s much like the first Ridge Racer for the PSP but with a little more content. Imo Ridge Racer 2 is the best arcade racing experience on any handheld currently, well next to Mario Kart DS if you count it.


Tales of Eternia – PSP – RPG – I imported this from Europe because I never got to play this back in the PSOne era when it was released in the US as Tales of Destiny II (even though it wasn’t really a sequel). If you are a tales fan or a JRPG fan in general, this games is very enjoyable Totally worth it and is 100% English.


Breath of Fire III – PSP – RPG – From Europe and it pretty much falls under Tales of Eternia’s description except that this game is a hit or miss for JRPG fans from my experience. I, for one, love this game and have fond memories of the Breath of Fire series.


Salamander Portable – PSP – Shmup – Got this to be a companion to my Gradius Collection and has been a worthy purchase. Now I have to import Twinbee Portable for this to be complete


I’m hoping to import Twinbee Portable for PSP and Mushihime-sama Futari for Xbox 360.


[Next week: Stories of non-gamers playing games]

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