Facebook Files: Oh My! I Just Totally Pulled A Braunle!



Part of the fun of games is the challenge they can present, and the sense of accomplishment after training long and hard to get good at them. While not all games have to be difficult to be fun, the ones that make you work for victory are also usually the ones that provide the greatest sense of achievement. This week, we’re talking about our close calls in gaming.


Samwise wrote:

What is “pulling a Braunle” you ask? It’s when you’re at the last moment before failure in a game, and somehow manage to pull through, victory at the last second. Basically, lookin’ like Goku pullin’ victory out of thin air.


So what Braunles have you experienced? Any war stories you feel like sharing?


I’ve got one. Well, many. Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast is basically, the motherload of Braunley goodness. I mean, seconds left on the clock, and YES you make it to the final stage… But wait? You selected the hardest course there is! But here’s something I learned, and it’s a good lesson which I’m sure most of you have too. If things are looking grim, fight with all you’ve got regardless. Always be at your 100%, because you never know when it’ll pay off. So here I am, reminding myself of this lesson, and I’m racing and racing, and I’m hating myself for crashing in the jungle stage like I so often do, and — I won? Wow! Literally 1 second left on the timer, and I passed into the finish line.


And that was how I saw my first ending in OR2.


Patrick wrote:

I’m sure I’ve done that kind of thing lots, but the one that is coming to my mind right now is something that happened one of the first times I played Left for Dead.


My friends/Brother and I were on the final part of No Mercy and we had to run for the helicopter. One of my friends was low on health and hopping towards the copter when a smoker grabbed him. I yelled to leave him behind but my other friend was all “Leave no man behind!” and went after him. My brother and I made it to the helicopter but were getting swarmed by the horde, and got knocked down in the helicopter. My friends both got knocked down and eventually killed by all the zombies. When that happened the Helicopter took off with my brother and I inside it, luckily.


Ishaan wrote:

Oh wow, this is tough. It’s almost always fighting or racing games with me. Lately, it’s been a lot of Street Fighter IV, just like Samwise. But I think the real credit in this case has to go to Monster Hunter Tri, since there are no HP bars on the monsters. I can’t begin to count how many times I felt like I scraped through by the skin of my teeth, even if I did spend ages grinding for resources and customizing my armour until my brain hurt. ><


The reward, however, is that I can now take three Great Jaggis out without working up a sweat. Bwahahahahaha!


So, what close calls have you experienced in your game time?

Ishaan Sahdev
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