Facebook Files: Purchases You Regret



Ahh, regrets. Life would be so much better without them…I think. Then again, you’d never really learn to improve without going through a regret or two! The same holds true for game purchases. What valuable lessons have your bad game purchases taught you over the years?


Samwise wrote:


Anything you’ve bought that totally made you regret it, for one reason or another?


This is inspired by my failure to pay attention tonight: I thought I was getting a great deal, Rock Band Unplugged for 4.99$. I swear, they printed the last word smaller (they didn’t, I’m just dumb): “Lite”.


Damn… I’ll have to get the real game some other time, I guess. Worse still, I’ve gotta do extra chores to pay my mom back since it was off her credit card. Shiat.


Steven wrote:


My biggest purchase regret was Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. I bought a new copy off of eBay for around 40.00 and the next freaking day it was released on PSN for 14.99. I was kind of upset to say the least. Oh and then there’s Ikaruga. I was hoping that it would get released on XBLA and eventually lost hope.


My friend and I pitched 25.00 a piece to buy a used Gamecube copy of Ikaruga so that we could play it whenever we wanted. The next week it was announced for XBLA for 10.00 I think. I am a leader of Murphy’s Law.


Matty wrote:


Probably being painfully obvious here, but Sonic 3D Blast. This was something I thought could take the series into a fun direction, but all it took was a face to a wall, much like how Sonic was handling it. Even then, I was jaded towards new Sonic games, thanks to the Game Gear and Spinball, but 3D Blast was the very large straw that broke the camel’s back.


Anton wrote:


Shining Force Neo. Yes, that’s right. I bought it new when it was released. So, I think it was probably around $50 back then. Worst purchase ever. Haven’t even opened the game and probably never will.


Patrick wrote:

My biggest regret is getting Rockband AC/DC Live and importing the songs into my Rock Band 2. Sure it was only $5, but the songs are so long, with a lot of parts where nothing is really happening, and almost every time I play a mystery set list I get the really long and boring Live version of “Let there Be Rock”.


Raphael wrote:


Ephemeral Fantasia — quite possibly the worst PS2 RPG ever. Mediocre plot, terrible gameplay and utterly pixelated (later PSX releases were better looking). And what ignites me the most is i bought it over Okage: Shadow King — never found this game again. Later sold Ephemeral Fantasia for 10 bucks and grabbed myself 2 $5 Subway Footlongs yum!


What games have you picked up — knowingly or unknowingly — that you kind of regret now? Fire away in the comments!

Ishaan Sahdev
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