Facebook Files: What Are Your Favourite Final Fantasies?



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This week, in keeping with the Final Fantasy discussions across the site, we’re talking about our favourite iterations from the franchise throughout the years. FF has resulted in a lot of interesting experiments, including spin-off games like Crystal Chronicles and Itadaki Street, which — this being Siliconera — showed up on a few lists, alongside staples like XII and VI.


Steven wrote:

10. Final Fantasy XI: OKAY, so I know that vast majority of you (if not all) will be scheming to lynch me now, but remember this is my list and not yours so get over it. Final Fantasy XI was in my opinion, a much more enjoyable MMORPG than World of Warcraft (millions more scheming to lynch me now) and I believe that it portrayed Final Fantasy very well into the MMORPG genre. It had some downfalls such as being rather difficult and having a bad economy due to price gouging in auctions. However, its difficulty rewarded you consistently.


This game had beautiful music and graphics as well as a great online community. I never had to worry about 11 year olds cussing me out and calling me a n00b when I needed help with something (cough…WoW…cough). There was always someone willing to give a hand. Either way I’d love to go back to the wonderful world of Vana’ Diel but the time consuming natures of college vs. MMORPGs just isn’t going to work for me. However, I’m excited about the online-only Final Fantasy XIV and hope to make time to play it sometime in the future.


Ishaan wrote:

*hands Steven a polearm.* You’ll need this. Like Robin, I want to say “Last Story” to tick everyone off…but then I’d feel bad for trolling Steven’s list. ;p


My favourite is easily FFVIII. I played it a few months after VII, and while it was was harder to get into than VII (in whose case, the fantastic soundtrack pulled me in right away), all said and done, I liked VIII better personally. I’m a sucker for love stories in games and FFVIII was the first of its kind that I played. I loved the GF junction system, too, and that the summons were actually central to the story. Materia were instinctively easier to grasp, but once you learnt how to use the junction system, you could REALLY play around with your characters.


Anton wrote:

3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: This usually comes as a surprise to most people. Especially since it’s so high up on my list,. But I loved this game. I must have played through this game at least five times. I think it’s the only FF game I’ve played through more than twice. However, I never played this game alone, and that is the secret to this game. Playing with four people makes this game a whole lot of fun. I also loved how the game could be simultaneously sad and uplifting. You’re brave adventurers setting out in a dangerous world to prolong the life of your village and to keep your family safe. I don’t know. It just always struck a chord with me. It’s also through FFCC that my housemate and I became such good friends.


Milki wrote:

1. VI and IX equally. Actually I prefer IX a little over VI, but that’s only coz I’m only able to play VI on my PC, which takes a bit of the fun out of it. Whenever the remake is gonna come – hopefully to the DS or PSP, coz like Ishaan, I also want it to be portable! – that’s no longer an issue. I love them both the most! ♥


Make sure to check out the full discussion here, which is a good deal longer…and more amusing.


So, which Final Fantasies are your favourites? Have any odd choices that you want to defend to the death? Fire away in comments! (Interesting tidbit: XII was on everyone’s list of favs)

Ishaan Sahdev
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