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EAD3 seem very keen to reassure people that Zelda Wii will be more ambitious than the games before it. Perhaps this is in light of the negative reaction to Miyamoto’s prior comments about how it wouldn’t be too different from past games, but series producer Eiji Aonuma seems to have taken over PR responsibilities and has been very talkative of late, commenting on changes to the "series’ structure" and whatnot. Since nearly everyone likes Zelda, it was safe to assume people would have a lot to say on the subject. Here’s a link to the full discussion.


Fabio wrote:

Anyway, what difference I would want to see? Uhm, difficult question. I have some ideas in mind, but they’d end up making the series a lot less simple than it is now (not that it would necessarily be a bad thing). For example, a Link that actually levels up and has customizable stats. Instead of having the player grind, though, they could have him get levels by completing subquests. So, you know how you catch chickens and a guy gives you a heart container? Instead of giving a heart container, he would give you a new level, and you choose where to assign it. Might make things a bit less stale, and also allow for more replayability.


Laura wrote:

As much as I love Epona, maybe a move away from the horse? Take to the air, maybe? Or perhaps, you could have some form of activities that aren’t time/day dependent, like a modification of farming (bomb plants??) or modifying weapons…


Ishaan wrote:

@Laura: Haha, this is some crazy timing you’ve got there. Check this out interview from the Guardian: https://tinyurl.com/yztpmsy

Ray wrote

I might get blasted for this, but I’d actually like to see some harder combat. I know it’s a puzzle game, but it’s really easy to not die in the recent Zelda games…Perhaps a hard mode or something?


Spencer wrote:

I want a "cel-da" game on consoles. Blasphemy, I know, but I like the adorable Link better than the rugged one.


I really enjoyed Four Swords. The mix of co-op play and backstabbing was awesome. I hope Nintendo makes a mode like that with online play. Maybe, Nintendo could make a story about a village of heroes competing to become the next Link. Each character could have different characteristics like one super archer, one master mage, and one merchant with a dozen bottles. Something to get people to pick favorites and encourage different styles of play.


For me, it’s probably 2-player co-op. I think some of the things Square Enix did with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and Capcom with RE5 are amazing, and I’d love to see the Zelda team try to incorporate a strong co-op element that actually affects the design of the dungeons and boss battles. They’ve already taken a step in that direction with Spirit Tracks (although, we don’t know to what extent) and it would be great to see them build on the idea.


What do you guys want to see in Zelda Wii? Try to leave MotionPlus out of it, since we already know EAD3 have plans to implement it.


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