Facebook Files: What Franchises Would You Like To See Return To Their Roots?



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Welcome to Facebook Files, where I couldn’t participate this week because classes are killing me (sorry, Steven!). We’re expected to be able to read hiragana without thinking by Tuesday, and we’ve only had two classes so far! Hooray, death!! Anyhow, this week, we’re discussing oldschool revolutions.



Sonic, Mario, Castlevania, Megaman, Contra, and a few others have done it. What would you like to see return to it’s roots? Do you want any new-school features (i.e. better graphics, gameplay mechanics, voice acting, etc.) with your desired return to form?


Anton wrote:

Since there was a bit of discussion on this in the Metroid: Other M post on SE, I would like to see the Metroid series return to its roots. 2-D side scrolling action! That would be fantastic! =3
Though I really liked the first Metroid Prime, I don’t think that the rest of the series has done the franchise justice. Other M seems to be taking things in a completely different direction, however, I should reserve judgment until I actually get to play the game.


Steven wrote:

Personally, I’d like to see another top-down Metal Gear strangely enough. The inspiration for my decision came from Boktai and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Due to Kojima’s influence, Boktai felt a lot like Metal Gear at times and was a nice homage to Snake’s adventures. GTA: Chinatown Wars proved that you could return to form and still have most of the gameplay features of its next-gen kin. I’d really like to see Metal Gear take the Chinatown route. Top-down view with nice, yet decidedly old-school graphics while containing much of the gameplay features of the newer Metal Gears. Moreover, I’d like to have voice-acting (with Hayter of course) and cutscenes of some sort. I’m probably in the minority here.


Raphael wrote:

A next-gen comeback for King’s Field.


Personally, I’m with Steven on this one. Chinatown Wars is the first GTA game I’ve enjoyed in several years (the last one being 2), and I’d love to see more portable top-down GTAs. And…well, everyone probably knows I’m a gigantic Metroid maniac anyway. What’s on everyone else’s mind?

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