Facebook Files: Who’s Your Favourite New Videogame Character Of 2009?



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2009 sure went by quickly, didn’t it? It’s hard to believe we’re already at the start of a new year; although, I have high hopes for 2010 both with regard to games and otherwise.


Simple topic this week, since everyone’s probably still recovering from holiday fever: Who is your favourite new game character of 2009? And if you’re looking for something a little deeper than that, check the bottom of the post for next week’s topic!


Fabio wrote:

Any of the girls from The Path, though my favorites are probably Rose or Ruby.


Anton wrote:

Good topic! For main characters, I’m going with Ulrika Mulberry from Mana Khemia 2. For secondary or even tertiary characters, I’m going to say Scooter from Borderlands. Maybe it’s only because I’ve been playing it way too much, but every thing he says just cracks me up. =P


To be honest, I didn’t play a lot of new games this year. T-T


Ishaan wrote:

@Anton: ARGH! I was going to pick Ulrika, too! I love her accent and personality.


I guess I’ll go with Sumio Mondo then. Not technically 2009, but Flower, Sun & Rain was only localized this year so…yea, Sumio. He’s personable and has an awesome sarcastic streak in him. At the same time, he’s also a very "regular" guy, so that makes watching his reactions to FSR’s absolutely batshit insane cast a real blast.


Michael wrote:

Chloe from Uncharted 2.


I played quite a few games, but no characters stood out for me the way this one did. She was great. I actually wish her part had been bigger. The ladies of Uncharted were great. The whole damn cast was great.


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