Facebook Files: Your Favourite Gaming Snack



Food + games. We’ve all done it at some point. Some of us like to keep a bowl of peanuts handy while others just prefer a good drink. Some of us can manage an entire dinner in the midst of a game. This time around, we’re discussing our favourite gaming snacks.


Samwise wrote:

Basically, the question of this topic is: What are your preferred crunchables and munchables to accompany your video gaming sessions?


Anyway, personally, I really like Ice Coffee with my gaming, especially in the heat we’re getting now. I make it myself, no need to order from Tim Hortons or anything. The upside is that it is good for cooling me down, and it keeps me awake for those extra long gaming sessions I tend to enjoy during the weekends (Or summer vacay!)


As for food, I think that almost all of the chips actually suck for eating with video games. They get your hands greasy, and covered in seasoning and I don’t know why anyone views them as such a good snack for it. In the end, that’s usually what my brother buys, but still. I dislike it. I don’t know what would be a better suppliment for easy eating and such. Any assortment of fruits and veggies that I like would be great, but too much of a pain, and I’m really picky with fruits so it might be difficult (if I see one rotten item in a basket I panic and can’t eat from it anymore)


What can be good, is beef jerky or black licourice, two of my favourite things that most people I know don’t really like (They’re crazy, since I hear every man likes beef jerky) since you can eat those and savour them for a long time.


Patrick wrote:

I don’t really like to snack while Gaming. The whole greasy controller thing annoys me, and whipping your hands on your pants really doesn’t help. If I wanna eat something I’ll usually take a break. I don’t have a specific drink, but I do like to have something on hand. Usually Coke or Sprite.


Charles wrote:


Pasta or devil-dolls. Anything else would be too greasy to handle the controller while playing.


Ishaan wrote:

Usually just a glass of juice if I’m playing on a console and don’t want to dirty my hands or be too distracted from my game by food. If it’s on the PC, I can usually manage a pizza with a napkin as long as it isn’t greasy. But it’s usually just juice or a 7Up while actually playing a game anywhere.


The thing about pizza is, I can’t bring myself to stop eating until I’ve finished it (I can usually down a 14″ by myself). The problem with that is, I feel like doing nothing but rolling around in bed after I’ve eaten it all.


What are your favourite gaming snacks? Or as Samwise calls them, “crunchables and munchables”. What games do you like eating them with? Fire away in the comments!

Ishaan Sahdev
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