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Welcome to Facebook Files, where we’re reverting back to the old format this week with a discussion from our Facebook group!


Steven wrote:

Okay, so this discussion is a bit whimsical. It involves one’s desire to see something happen relating to a video game release and only a release. No character cameos (i.e. Sonic in Brawl), game modes, or anything like that. Just simply state what your wish/es was and how it came true. Please limit your wishes to something that’s surprising than obvious. Obvious being "I hope that they make another Mario Kart". Obscure being "I hope that they make a sequel to Okami on the DS." Sure this is silly, but I know we all have something that we liked to see and it happened. I’ll give three examples of mine. Ironically all three involved are ports that I was hoping for, but you can wish for whatever you want. […]


Anton wrote:

Interesting topic! The only video game "wish" of mine that has come true has been a re-release of Chrono Trigger. And it happened twice! Once for the Playstation and once on the DS.


Uh, other that than I was hoping for a DS game in the Atelier series and we finally got one with Atelier Annie last year. I really wanted to see Atelier Lise on DS here in North America, but that fell through. Since P3 Portable has been announced, I’ve been REALLY hoping for the same thing to happen with P4.


Samwise wrote:

Hmm, I don’t think this has really happened to me much, but I’d been wanting to see TvC in NTSC before that was announced.


Steven wrote:

TvC in the U.S. was a godsend! It was well worth my woes and worries that we weren’t going to get it.. I had no hope for TvC at all. Of course that’s all changed now ^_^


Raphael wrote:

Persona remake for the PSP. What ATLUS should’ve done with the PSX NA release to begin with.


Anton wrote:

@Raphael: Good call! It would be really nice if they did something similar with Persona 2 and actually released both games for NA.


You can read the full discussion here. We’re also chatting about PlatinumGames and crossovers too! Meanwhile, what videogame wishes would you like to see come true? Remember, surprising rather than obvious. Fire away in the comments!

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