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This week, we’re talking about zombies and our favourite zombie games! Head to our Facebook group for the full, lengthy discussion.


Steven wrote:

Zombies are eating at our brains by invading our game systems, phones, theaters, t-shirts, televisions and general media! Are we going to stand for this?! Heck yeah!


Ok… so perhaps this pop culture phenomena may be getting a bit old, but it’s still strong as ever. Since most of us here are gamers, I’d like to know what your favorite zombie game titles are (specific titles, not entire franchises). Feel free to grab your boomsticks and discuss why they are your favorites…


Since I don’t count the Ganados, I’m gonna pick the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil over Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The GC remake is the reason why I got into the Resident Evil series and was the only game to legitimately instill fear in me up to that point. I still remember screaming like a little girl when a crimson head stood up and started running (flying like a bat out of h***) down the hall to kill me. No one told me zombies in Resident Evil could run (and apparently they couldn’t before). I became addicted to the tension that I felt while playing Resident Evil and that is why it is my favorite zombie game.


Anton wrote:

The Resident Evil series is excellent. Not my favorite zombie games, but still amazing. For awhile, Left 4 Dead was my favorite zombie game. However, it was very short and didn’t have much to the story or any character development. The game was a lot of fun to play, though.


Recently, I played the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned expansion for Borderlands, and it is now my favorite zombie-related game ever. There was just something so satisfying about killing zombies in that expansion that can’t be matched. Plus, the story was hilarious. Not to mention all of the side quests to do. And zombie T.K. Baha.


Philip wrote:

I have to say that Resident Evil Series is what made the zombie games and films popular. One of the first zombie games I played was Resident Evil 2 for N64, even though the graphics were crappy, but playing that at night and running from giant spiders zombies zombie dogs… And lets not forget that mutated aligator.


Even Resident Evil 3 was scary. Resident Evil 1, the original and remake, had their scary moments with giant snakes. Chimaras Hunters. Resident Evil 2 I think they had the lickers. Those were creepy because they would pop out of nowhere. In fact, all of the creatures were full of suprises. That is what made Resident Evil series a good game. It is suspenseful. Because of Resident Evil, we now have Resdent Evil films, zombie remakes of Dawn of The Dead, Night of The Living Dead, Day of The Dead, Land of The Dead. Zombieland. Shaun of The Dead.


Samwise wrote:

I really like the Left 4 Dead games every once in a while, but I’ve mostly watched zombie games, not played them, unfortunately. I’m really excited for Yakuza: Of the End, however, and I hope that is exceedingly great.


Tristan wrote:

Ive only had limited experience with zombies in that the ones that were Resident Evil were my only encounter with them. I found them to be scary in the games universe but pretty awesome in the extended universe of the epically awesome Resident Evil movies. I saw that they were in Left 4 Dead as well, which is pretty awesome and cool indeed as well.


So…what are your favourite zombies games, and why? Fire away!

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