Fade To Silence Is About Survival In A Frozen Landscape Filled With Eldritch Horrors

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Fade to Silence tasks players with staying alive in a frozen landscape, having to find food, shelter, supplies, and survivors while they deal with bone-chilling blizzards and the monstrous presences that haunt the frigid woods and caves.


Fade to Silence offers a large area for players to explore, taking out a wolf sled and heading out in any direction they choose to look for much-needed supplies for their home base. Useful goods can be available in any direction, so it is up to players to start poking around and see what they can find. Players may also be able to find other survivors by following tracks through the snow, although there are many other, less desirable beings leaving footprints in the snow.

Surviving long enough to bring these items back to camp can be an ordeal, though. The cold will constantly tax the player’s health, and this gets much, much worse should they get caught up in a blizzard. The game’s weather will show signs that a storm is kicking up, though, but it will be up to the player to interpret these signs and know when to turn back. However, they may not be able to see these signs if they’re being attacked by one of the Eldritch horrors that haunt the area, using the game’s weapon systems to battle these strange beings.


As players improve their hideout with found goods and search the woods and fields, they may find survivors who possess various skills. These abilities may help the player out a great deal in their camp, but that does mean another mouth to feed, leading to some difficult moral choices on who to save and who to abandon.

Fade to Silence is available now on Steam Early Access.

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