Everything You Need to Know About the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria Map

Fae Farm Skies of Azoria, the second DLC add-on content, has finally arrived on PC and Switch. Wondering what the new map has on offer for players? Before jumping in, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what you can expect from the new map.

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How do I reach all parts of the Fae Farm Skies Of Azoria Map?

The new land to explore in Fae Farm Skies of Azoria is called Skyvale, and their homeland is located high up in the cloudy skies. Skyvale is divided into Windhaven, Starlight Isles and Howling Heights. However, you will not gain access to them all immediately, as each part of the DLC is broken down into three primary acts.

For Act 1, you will have to complete Chapter 4 of the main campaign. After completing Act 1 of the new DLC content, you will need to complete Chapter 6. To unlock the last remaining act, you will have to complete Act 2 of the DLC and Chapter 8. After this, you should have entire access to the new map. A few in-game days should trigger the next act if you have already completed the base game.

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What is new on the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria Map?

The new DLC offers an array of new content for players to enjoy. The main appeal will be the new questline story, which sees you help Gusto, the sprite of Skyvale. Strangely, Fae Farm Skies of Azoria’s questline is heavily centred around solving puzzles in dungeons in order to collect Fallen Stars rather than farming. A few quests will require you to plant a new crop or make new potions, but they are few and far between.

Just like in the Fae Farm base game, you can pick up new recipe scrolls scattered across the cloudy land to make new decorations for your home back at the soil-ground of Azoria. Some of these new items are rather adorable, with my personal favourites being the Cloudy Bench and Skyvale Pinwheel. Crafting these items will make you utilize the latest resources at Skyvale, so it’s back to the grind of digging, pickaxing sturdy rock materials and chopping down trees. There are also new characters to befriend and date as well if you are into the social and romantic aspects of Fae Farm.

During your time at Skyvale, you can also purchase many new items from vendors in the Windhaven Town Centre. Phoebe’s store offers new customizable attire, including new outfits and wings. Finn sells different crop seeds, like starry fruit and moon melons, which you can grow back on the farm. Whereas Herron has a range of potions on sale, including some rather aesthetic ones, like the rainbow trail, creating a quite literal rainbow trail wherever you walk for a short period. Does it have any practical use? Not really. Does it look cool? A firm yes!

One of the main things I liked most about the new DLC was Gusto’s Overnight Climate Exchange store. After completing “Bring the Gusto Back to Gusto” in Act One, you can buy his magical abilities to water crop overnight. If you’re at the height of playing through the main campaign, using these weather abilities could save you time and be a great alternative to make money fast in Fae Farm. Although it’s worth mentioning, you can only use this ability every few days.

Unlike the main base game for Fae Farm, the currency to buy all these items in vendors’ stores is predominately the exclusive resources you find in Skyvale, not using your Florins coins. You will need to scavenge these resources across the Skyvale map, so make sure you have plenty of space in your backpack, as it’s crucial to pick up items when you go along.

Fae Farm and the Skies of Azoria DLC are available now the Switch and PC

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