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Fairune Collection Comes To Nintendo Switch And PC On May 17, 2018


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Flyhigh Works has provided a Fairune Collection release date. On May 17, 2018, Fairune, Fairune 2, Fairune Blast and Fairune Origin will appear on the Nintendo Switch and PC via this compilation. This is the first time Fairune Blast and Fairune Origin will make their console and PC debut. The collection will be $9.99USD/€9.99.


Fairune, Fairune 2 and Fairune Origin are all action-RPGs with puzzle elements. Players follow a young woman who becomes a hero. Like the original Ys games, you attack by running into enemies, only being able to defeat ones below your level and needing to increase it to take on more visibly different and difficult foes. Fairune Blast, on the other hand, is a shoot’em up with the characters.




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Fairune is available on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and both Android and iOS devices. Fairune 2 is available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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