Fairy Fencer F Character Has… Excalibur Stuck In His Head?

Compile Heart’s nifty transforming weaponry RPG Fairy Fencer F has a pretty out-there mascot/playable character in Pipin—a bear(?) with a sword stuck in his head. The latest trailer shows off how that sword actually works, being the special attack when Pipin’s tension gauge is released. We guess that Arthurian legend of the sword in the stone must have rubbed off on somebody’s fevered dreams, because Pipin’s special sword ability is called… Excalibur. Watch the latest trailer below for the truth of it.

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Compile Heart’s also went over some of the character who each get their own special battle ability. These abilities confer some form of bonus to the character or team, but also come with drawbacks to be managed. Fang, for instance, can call on Truth. Truth boosts all of Fang’s normal, special and magic attack powers by 1.5x, while increasing their cost by 1.5 as well. Further, if the ability is left on, even his normal attacks will cost skill points to use.



Tiara’s Barrier kinda feels like cheating. When activated, she greatly reduces incoming damage to her. While she won’t be able to use normal attacks, she can cast magic and continue to use her magic skills. It’s perfect for healing herself or the party back up in dire times.



Harler’s doesn’t really seem like a bad thing. Working kinda like the Libra spell in Final Fantasy, it lets players quickly analyze foes and check their various stats, weaknesses and the like.



Pipin’s Persuasion has the bear(?!?!?) saunter over to foes and have a chit chat, persuading them to leave battle. Just like other such forms of removing foes safely from battle, it can fail and won’t give players any rewards if he… it… err… Pipin succeeds.



Shalman’s Resolution of Justice works exactly like Fang’s Truth ability, which feels a bit like a cop out.



Gald’s Full Swing acts like a berzerker button – doubling his attack power at the cost of accuracy being halved.


In case you forgot, Fairy Fencer F lets players alter the world and its dungeons – which may mean tinkering with both the world’s rules and working them in tandem with characters could net some crazy (or dangerous) results. What happens if you forgot that the world rule is currently set to “No Magic” when Tiara goes into Barrier mode?


Fairy Fencer F is slated for the PlayStation 3 on October 10 in Japan.

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