Fairy Song Has Players Exploring A Cheery Monochrome World




Players will click where they wish to explore in  Fairy Song, guiding their fairy’s flight throughout a monochrome world of cute monsters and strange cities.



Fairy Song is designed around freedom of exploration, letting players fly wherever they like throughout the game’s world. They can head to distant cities, float over the heads of the odd creatures that inhabit them, and interact with a few of the mechanisms and objects they find as they wander.


Fairy Song was designed for the 1-Bit Clicker Jam, and uses clicks of the mouse around the screen to guide where the fairy flies. Players can also click on some interactive objects with the mouse to use them, although the game does not feature many interactive objects in its current state.  The developers of Fairy Song do intend to further polish and work the game, adding some more elements over time.




Fairy Song is available for free in its current state on

Alistair Wong
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