Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Sequel Anime Adaptation Announced

fairy tail 100 years quest anime

Hiro Mashima announced that Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest, the sequel series to the original Fairy Tail, will get an anime adaptation. The news was announced at a recently streamed Hiro Mashima fan meeting event held in Tokyo and included a teaser trailer that offered few details. There is currently no confirmed release date, no cast members were revealed, and the production studio hasn’t been announced

The Fairy Tail manga ended publication in 2017, followed by its anime adaptation in 2019. However, Mashima later announced the Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest sequel manga series in 2018. It follows protagonist Natsu Dragneel and his comrades as they embark on the 100 Years Quest. As the name suggests, the quest has been left incomplete for over a century and tasks heroes with sealing the five Dragon Gods

Currently, there are a total of nine tankobon released in Japan and the series is currently being serialized by Kodansha. The anime adaptation announcement appeared following the 15th anniversary year of the Fairy Tail manga, which originally started publication on August 2, 2006.

You can check out the official Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest anime adaptation announcement trailer below:

Last year, a Fairy Tail RPG developed by Gust was released by Koei Tecmo which similarly centered around the protagonist’s team. Specifically, the game focuses on the series’ Grand Magic Games arc, but also offers various side quests and storylines to enjoy.

The Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest  sequel anime adaptation is currently in the works, with further information to be released soon. There is currently no confirmed release date or production studio.

Andrew Kiya
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