Faith Uses Discomforting Sound Design To Create Fear With Its Simple Visuals

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Faith not only uses a Spectrum/DOS/Apple II/Atari look to create an uncomfortable sort of dread, it also uses a similar distorted sound to dial up the fears player will fear as they navigate its unsettling setting.


A priest returns to the site of a failed exorcism in Faith, combing through a seemingly-abandoned house in rural Connecticut for answers as to what happened with the supposed demonic possession a year before. Players will assist in this investigation by collecting items from the house and surrounding woods while also banishing ghouls using their holy cross. However, not all dangers can be easily scared off by the symbol, and players will have to get creative about avoiding these terrors.

Faith makes use of a distorted sound style similar to the sound style of the ZX Spectrum and Atari. This older sound design makes all voices in the game sound robotic and strange, giving them a frightening, otherworldly quality when combined with the setting. Its other sounds also serve to enhance the naturally-creepy atmosphere of the game’s seemingly-simple visuals, making the world seem off. This atmosphere is further strengthened by terrifying monsters who have been created with rotoscope animation, making them seem eerily fluid in this blocky world.


Faith offers multiple routes through its storyline over its one-to-two hour play time, not all of which will end well for the player’s character.

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