Falcom jdk Band Live 2024 concert in Tokyo Osaka and Nagoya
Image courtesy of Nihon Falcom

Falcom jdk Band Tokyo Concert Canceled Due to Bomb Threat

Nihon Falcom canceled the Falcom jdk Band Live 2024 concert in Tokyo, which was originally scheduled to take place on January 13, 2024. In its press release, the company cited safety concerns due to a bomb threat on the venue as the primary reason for the cancellation.

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On January 6, 2024, Kichijoji Club Seata’s contact center received an email containing a bomb threat. The perpetrator claimed that they would bomb the facility and harm its staff and visitors within a specified time frame that included January 13, 2024—the date when Falcom jdk Band’s concert would be held.

Club Seata immediately contacted the police to report the threat. The authorities noted that it had also received the same report from many other live house clubs all around Japan. However, no bombing incidents happened in reality, so the police suggest a high probability of this being a prank or crime committed for fun.

Falcom added that 246 Livehouse Gabu, which will host the Osaka concert on January 26, 2024, also received the same threat and is temporarily shutting down its premises. However, the venue will reopen on January 22, 2024, so the concert will go as planned. The third concert in Nagoya on January 27, 2024, does not seem to be affected as its venue, ell.Fits All, did not report such a threat.

This was not the only game-related event in Japan that was canceled due to domestic terrorism threats in recent months. In December 2023, Nintendo received threats targeting the staff and audience at Splatoon Koshien 2023. The company ultimately decided to postpone the tournament and cancel the Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo event due to safety concerns.

The Falcom jdk Band Live 2024 concert in Tokyo was originally due to take place at Kichijoji Club Seata on January 13, 2024, before it was canceled. The other two concerts in Osaka at 246 Livehouse Gabu on January 26, 2024, and Nagoya at ell.Fits All on January 27, 2024, will continue as scheduled.

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