Nintendo Switch

Falcom President Says He Wants To Bring Games To The Nintendo Switch



Nihon Falcom has been developing JRPGs for quite awhile, with their The Legend of Heroes and Ys series gaining popularity in the west. However, these titles are only available, as of now, on PlayStation and PC, though that could change in the future, as Falcom’s president Toshihiro Kondo has recently expressed his desire to bring games to the Nintendo Switch.


Speaking with DualShockers, Kondo noted that the Switch is “completely a ‘Nintendo machine’,” and that he thinks that is a “really cool thing.” Kondo went on to say the following about his desire to bring Falcom games on the console:


“Yea, if the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely like to get Falcom games on the Switch.”


In addition, Kondo’s interest in the Switch is also notable considering the last Falcom game to ever appear on a Nintendo console was 1995’s Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand.