Falcom President Wondering If Trails of Cold Steel III Should Be PS4-Exclusive Or PS4 & PS Vita

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Falcom is currently in the midst of working on The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, but company president Toshihiro Kondo revealed in a Dengeki PlayStation interview that they’re still wondering whether to make it a PlayStation 4-exclusive or have it for PS4 and PS Vita. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here are some highlights from the interview:


It feels like the number of titles being released has lowered. Does it take longer to develop a single game nowadays?

Toshihiro Kondo, Falcom President: “It may be so, but it doesn’t mean our challenging spirit from the past has gone away. Just the other day in an interview with employees we had people say ‘I’d like to make a smartphone app’ and ‘I’d like to make Magical Alisa into a game,’ so we all have our own unique ideas.”


What is it that you, President Kondo, would personally like to challenge?

Sorcerian. I’ve been saying it for about half a year. I’ve been trying to think what we can do with it in today’s era. Other than that, there are many other platforms such as PSVR that I’d like to challenge as well.


What’s the current production status of Trails of Cold Steel III?

“We’re currently going all out in its advancement. We’re planning on actually getting things started this summer, but we’ve already finished up with some of the base parts. New models for Rean and the others are already done.”


“However, we’re still contemplating about hardware, since the Trails series does have many PS Vita users. We are currently in the middle of considering whether we should make it exclusive to PS4 or have it support cross-platform with PS Vita.”


Will the protagonist of Trails of Cold Steel III be Rean?

“The protagonist and story summary has already been decided. As for which characters will appear, please look forward to it.

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