Falcom Is Recruiting Staff With A Serious Passion For Something New



Falcom is going on a big staff recruitment spree, and are looking to add team members that are looking to earnestly create something new with the company.


Here’s a tweet with a message for the recruitment:

“I want to make a new RPG, and work on a more pleasant kind of action. Those are some of t he thoughts that made what Falcom is today. I want to work on a new Ys or new Trails game. I want to start a new series. We believe there are many motives out there, but ‘Falcom wants to earnestly make a game’ is what we’re seeking. More details at falcom.co.jp/kaisya/recruit/”


Falcom will be accepting applications from entry to mid-level developers through December. The positions that need filling are the following:

  1. Game Designer
  2. Programmer
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Sound Creator
  5. Plan Design
  6. Non-development jobs


Most companies recruit a few positions here and there, but this one looks like a bigger than average recruitment from Falcom, who seem to be looking to beef up its development staff with plenty of fresh blood. In any case, it should be exciting to hear what they have in store for us in the near future.

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