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Fall Guys Stay Alive With Portal 2 P-Body Crossover Costume

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Another new Fall Guys skin is coming, and it might look familiar to those of you who have played one of Valve’s post popular games, Portal 2. That’s right, P-Body, the long-shaped robot from the multiplayer portion of the game, is joining Fall Guys as the latest costume. Ironic, considering where P-Body is originally from.

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For those unfamiliar with Portal 2, essentially P-Body was the Player 2 character to the more chubbier robot whom Player 1 controlled, Atlas. The two of them are sent out to GLaDOS’s Cooperative Testing Initiative (multiplayer  co-op), where they must work together to complete the puzzles set out for them, as the robots themselves are meant to only replace humans as experimental lab rats. Despite this fact, P-Body is seen in the main game as an Easter Egg.

Check out the announcement Tweet below:

Since the game’s release, Fall Guys has seen a surge of popularity. The game has been continuously updated with improvements and more costumes, and recently the developers revealed that Season 2 of Fall Guys will be revealed at the gamescom opening night livestream. Fall Guys is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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