Fall of the Artificer, Sony Studio Liverpool’s Unreleased PlayStation 2 Game

The now-defunct SCE Studio Liverpool—originally known as Psygnosis—are most widely recognized for their work on the Wipeout series of futuristic racing games. However, Wipeout and other racing games like the Formula One series are far from all that Psygnosis worked on.


Among other games they developed, between 2000 and 2001, Psygnosis were working on a Sony game titled Fall of the Artificer, which was never published. We dug up some art work from the webpage of an artist who worked at the company during this time:



The resumé of another ex-Sony employee tells us that Fall of the Artificer was to be a PlayStation 2 game. During this time, Studio Liverpool also helped out with another game that actually was released—Dropship: United Peace Force, which was developed by Sony’s Team Soho studio.


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