Fallout 4 Mods Make Danse Buzz Lightyear, Cait Commander Shepard, And Dogmeat A Cat

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It’s still early going in the Fallout 4 mod scene. There’s no official support for it yet. You can’t hop on Steam, head to the Workshop, and click a Subscribe button to add things to your game. You have to rely on the ingenuity of the others players, and that means sticking with the stock companions for a while. But, while there aren’t official, fan-made folks out there ready to buddy up with the Sole Survivor, there are some customization options that help existing characters feel new.

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buzz danse


Take Paladin Danse. He’s a by-the-books soldier, just like someone else we know. Quait put together a Fallout 4 mod called Buzz Lightyear played by Paladin Danse. This mod changes his Power Armor so it resembles Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit from Toy Story. Paladin Danse’s name and dialogue will all remain the same, so unfortunately you won’t hear a, “To infinity, and beyond.” But it adds a little bit of silliness to a Fallout that’s already brighter than any that game before it. Because really – if there can be bright, blue skies, there can be pristine white and green Power Armor.


femshep cait


But then again, maybe you want someone a little more context-appropriate. Cait is one of the toughest companions, so l3rink’s Bring Shepard Back Fallout 4 mod makes sense for her. Like Paladin Danse’s Buzz Lightyear mod, this doesn’t change any of Cait’s dialogue or her name. It just makes her look like the official version of the female Commander Shepard from BioWare’s Mass Effect series. Think of it this way. What if Commander Shepard went out on a mission, came back, and was faced with a Planet of the Apes sort of simulation. It was Earth all along, Femshep!




Finally, for people who prefer cats to dogs, there’s a Fallout 4 mod that makes Dogmeat into “Catmeat”. CapnLilNemo’s Catmeat replaces Dogmeat with a cat. The behavior has even been changed, to reflect how a cat actually acts. So “Catmeat” will be cowardly and unaggressive. If you’re being attacked, she’ll act pretty much like a real cat. This mod must be added after Dogmeat has been recruited, or else it will break the game. I imagine this would be a good fit for someone who wants a Sole Survivor that sits at home, working on settlements. Plaster the walls with kitten posters. Wait for the day when other cat-related mods come up, and prepare for a post-apocalyptic, crazy cat person.


To install these, and really any Fallout 4 mod, the best thing to do is run the Fallout 4 Mod Manager after putting files the necessary files in the in the Fallout 4\Data folder in Steam\SteamApps\common.

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