Fallout-Inspired Indie RPG Deals With Recovery After The Apocalypse


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There’s a lot of love floating around for Fallout and its sister game Wasteland—so much so that indie devs Black Cloud Studios have set up their own dream of how these games could have gone with After Reset. This Kickstarter game promises to bring you to another way of looking at the Fallout world with its own post-apocalyptic setting.



Over a hundred years after After Reset’s nuclear resolution to the mystery of a sudden appearance of alien crystals all over Earth, humanity hunkers down in advanced bunker-cities under the Earth as the United Governments. But with the discovery that life topside is beginning to become habitable again, it may be time to once again stretch back into the world above and return the Earth to its former glory.



Unfortunately for the United Governments, they’ll discover that topside has Survivors of the nuclear holocaust, with numbers to make up for their technological lack after having to scrounge around with not much left above the world. And they don’t take too kindly to their new neighbors who’ve left them high and dry for so long.


That’s where you come in—a nameless person awoken by an AI voice from a chip stuck in your brain. Or maybe just a voice in your head, if your intelligence score is too low. Who are you, what do you do? Black Cloud Studios promises you’ll have to find out yourself in a non-linear game that follows the heyday of Fallout where you’ll need to scrounge for resources like water just to travel around. It’s an oId school, hardcore RPGs where they don’t pull their punches. You’ll be tooling around the the re-imagined State of Eagle (California) and the Great Desert Regions (Nevada). Oh, and don’t forget ‘dem aliens.


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Players will be able to encounter four (or more if Kickstarter stretch goals are met) companions, each with their own backstories and possible incompatibilities within your party. The ambitious devs promise music reminiscent of the series they draw inspiration from, and already included two sample tracks on their Kickstarter page as proof. I’m particularly tickled by the underlined tagline of the game: “We stop looking for monsters when we realize they are inside of us.” So true.


At time of print, they’ve already got about $40,000 pledged of their $900,000 goal with 16 days to go. You can check out their Kickstarter here.


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