Falrune looks like it comes from the days when bumping into enemies was enough to kill them, but this is a brand new 3DS game from Witch & Hero maker Flyhigh Works.


You grab the Sword of Hope and fight monsters. However, if a monster is weaker than you are you won’t gain any experience points. You only get stronger by defeating monsters around the same strength or stronger than you. Of course, stronger monsters can also kill you.



Players can use items on the map to change the world too. Similar to the early Legend of Zelda games, you’ll need to keep an eye out for things that look out of place like strange trees. Falrune comes out on October 3 as a 300 yen Nintendo eShop download  in Japan.


falrune-01 falrune-02 falrune-03 falrune-04 falrune-05 falrune-06

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